Canyoning VS. Climbing

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Saturday multi-pitch in the Calanques (Marseille)

Since it is too cold to go canyoning in this winter cold weather, today we went out for a vertical adventure. Climbing!
Here is some feedback of the day, the route and maybe something to get you excited to come explore this summer.

CALANQUES: A paradise full of vertical adventures

This Saturday we enjoyed a multi-pitch for a half day of sportive adventure next to Marseille above the calanques of Morgiou. (Called: La Directe)
Four pitches for about 100 meters of climbing, with a maximum difficulty in 5c+.

The limestone is very special in the Calanques do to the water that shaped the wall with special holds, that made it possible to climb it up.
So for a change we do not go down the wall through the waterfalls, like with canyoning, but we decide to go in the opposite direction. A wonderfull way to enjoy the mountains views and the sea in the background.

Even when it is still winter, the conditions were perfect to enjoy a little vertical experience. Nice fresh sea wind was keeping us company.

Start smooth with a small part technical clibming

Starts with a half an hour walk to get to the start of the route. After a long night of work I actually was feeling quit shitty. I had to drink at least a litter of coffee and even that did not really helped to motivate me.
The walk was a nice easy approach, the fresh sea air waked me up slowely, I guess the coffees started to do there work as well.

This summer I have been Canyoning every day, today the first multi-pitch since a year. Going up the wall touching the holes, dancing up the wall, I felt that it did me real good. Started to feel alive again.

Half way up, finally fully awake

Arriving at the last pitch, the rock changed it’s couleur in orange beautifull cristals and a huge crack.

This route is opened in 1960 when they did not yet had all the equipement we have now a days to go climbing or canyoning. So they only used nuts and pitons, that they hammered in the wall, there they went secure themselfs on.
The only way they could go climing was following the cracks to put their equipement. Elsewere was not yet possible to do with security.

Last pitch, real beautiful holes in orange rock

The feeling you get when you arrive at the very top after three hours of climbing is undescribable. Freedom, clearheaded, happy and fulfilled with love all in the same time.

Different than canyoning that is for sure but definitely something that you should explore. So this summer ready for a full mountain experience in Corsica? Ready to enjoy some real summits with extraordinary views?

Come away with us for the canyoning workshop in Corsica!!

Canyoning Sierra de Guara

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