What to do in winter-time if you wished to have a canyoning activity???

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You might be thinking that it is way to cold to go out canyoning in winter time. You probably think it is impossible!

Well I can say that you are wrong!
This winter we went out to explore a new sort of outdoor activity. To proof you that even when it looks cold outside, it is worth to go for a nice Sunday outdoor activity.
And the extra bonus: you will prevent to rust your canyon methods away!

Beginning of the walk down to canyon
Main morte
Almost spring time, beautiful sunny Sunday

The famous Verdon in the south of France offer plenty of wonderful canyons. A couple of ours away from Nice and Marseille. An acceptable distance away to leave the city on a weekend out with friends, family or your partner in crime for a vertical descent down.

Canyon: Main morte

What do you need?

* Sunny day
* Good company
* Motivation
* Canyoning equipment (harness, descender, rope 40 meter, helmet, walking shoes)
* Pick-nick and water

No wet suit?? Sure, you could… But since it is winter, the water is not going to be to warm… So lets try to stay out of the water and not to get wet!!!

For some of our mountain lovers they can’t imagine winter without their skis. So what would you think of a descent down the canyon with your ski equipment???

<div style="width : 100%; height : 0; padding-bottom : 56%; position : relative;"><iframe src="http://www.zapiks.fr/index.php?action=playerIframe&media_id=131272&width=640&height=360&autoStart=false&language=fr" style="position : absolute; top : 0; left : 0; width : 100%; height : 100%;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe></div><div style="font-size: 90%; text-align : center;"><a href="https://www.zapiks.fr/canyon-line-les-equipees-sau-1.html" title="Canyon Line (Les éQuipées Sauvages)">Canyon Line (Les éQuipées Sauvages)</a></div>

Well, for now, getting back in the canyoning techniques is good enough!


After passing the small village in the center of the Verdon « La Palud sur Verdon » you drive for about five minutes towards the youth hostel « La Maline ». You will find a house with lama’s in the garden. Two more sharp U – turns down the hill you will find the first parking spot on the right side; easy to find.

Walk up the road for 500 meters, on your right a path going down to access the departure of the canyon.

Straight away exposed to a vertical descent >> warming up for a abseil of 15 meters

If the winter made you a bit rusted in your canyoning methods and rope techniques. Don’t worry, this canyon is perfect for a easy warm up to practice your canyon skills.

Continues between fine close limestone walls with diverse heights for your abseils. Depending to the previous weather conditions, the natural created bowls between the limestone walls, can be filled with water. Nice fresh swimming pools welcomed us as we continued descending.

We installed a zip-line to avoid the water. But one of us ( will not tell you names ) was a little to optimistic about the elasticity of the ropes. So we still managed to get one bum dipped in the water!!

When you will do this canyon, in summer time you can get guided till the descent of 50 meters that finishes in the big canyon the Verdon.
But as we said, we are trying not the get in to the water in winter. Just before the abseil of 50 meters there is a beautiful Via-Ferrata with ropes to have a little escape way upwards for about 30 minutes. Quit sportive hike up but with beautiful views on the Verdon to finish up our Sunday adventure.

Main morte with it’s small corridors of limestone
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