5 Days of adventure – Corsica

Let’s Jump together

Come with us for an exceptional outdoor activity, canyoning, which will give you an unforgettable life experience.
Guided through Corsica on one of the most original ways, exceptional sensations, wonderful time with friends, stunning views = a complete holiday activity.

Were you already planning to explore the beautiful Island Corsica? To go canyoning? Still looking for outdoor activities on your holiday? Well then this four day canyoning holiday is the perfect combination for YOU!

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Our activities are guided by a licensed climbing and canyoning guide, to let you enjoy and explore these outdoor activities fully secured

On the canyoning program:

DAY 2: Creeks of Vivaghju 

The most southern based canyon on the island of beauty.
This canyon offers one of the most divers descents of Corsica.
Small and tall rappel, jumps, slides, narrow gaps, all elements together to enjoy a wonderful day.

Approach: 1 hour walk
Tour: 4 hours canyoning

DAY 3 : Relaxing day to enjoy the beach or touristic visiting

DAY 5: Piscia di Gallu

To fill your last day with adrenaline, we’ll take you to the famous Piscia di Gallu, known internationally.
This descent goes through impressive granite walls that open up with view on the sea. A canyon not to miss out on and made for the experienced canyoners. But also possible for the less experienced canyoners with the company of our professional guide.

Tour: 3 hours canyoning
Approach: 30 minutes walk
Return: 1 hour walk

Afternoon: Moment to relax and proudly looking back to the memory’s of this canyoning experience. Exchange of the photo’s taken over the holiday

Canyoning Baracci Corisca
Jump Vacca Canyoning Corsica
Jump Canyoning Corsica

Famous Canyon Vacca

55 meter abseil Piscia di Gallu - Canyoning Corsica
55 meter abseil Piscia di Gallu – Canyoning Corsica

(+33) (0) 7 55 72 73 59

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